A Different Kind of Doctor

Most doctor’s go into medicine for good reasons. The science of it, the functional art of the science, helping people, … More

After the storm

After two days of storming, the sun and wind feels good. Sitting for a few minutes at a time in … More

Bending Over

Every time I bend over, my coffee threatens to come back to haunt me. I’m way overfull. One of the … More

I’m Woke

There’s something wonderful and annoying about five a.m. when you don’t have to be awake. And yet you are. Being … More


I’ve had enough of this shit, this being sick shit, this life of illness, pills, symptoms, walls, internal life, a really … More

Unpacking, Unraveling

So you found the new place. Excuse the mess. I’ve combined the sites “Losing it …(in SO many ways)” and … More

The Weight of A Thousand Stones

Fighting to become healthy is worth it whether it’s to get away from dangerous, lying, life-sucking vampire-like people or the same kind of physical illnesses. Whether others believe, agree, refuse to see the plain and obvious evidence to the danger and truth of either doesn’t matter. What matters is escape and survival. Some will never see the light or believe and that’s okay. It isn’t about them, it’s about you, it’s about us.